2018 08 TMC News A Holiday Club Photo by Will Sudworth 002Summer Superheroes

In August, Timperley Methodist Church held their annual Holiday Club for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years. This year it was called Hero Quest.

The week started with 95 children waiting eagerly outside the doors at 9am on Monday. The group leaders and crew eagerly awaited to meet them. Word spread and many of the children’s friends came along and by Friday we had 108 children attending- a fantastic number of children and families to reach out to.

The groups each took part in a morning craft activity until, on hearing the theme tune for the week: “Holding out for a Hero”, all the groups joined for a session of morning worship together in the main church. The worship focused on heroes from the bible, such as Daniel, Saul and Esther, as well as modern-day super-heroes such as Captain America and Wonder Woman.

The children then split into their age groups and spent time playing organised team games outside, doing craft activities, singing songs and learning more about the bible superheroes.

The week ended with a celebration service to which friends and family were invited. Each group showed something they had done during the week and lots of the songs they had learnt were sung.

It was a week enjoyed by everyone, and one which our church should be proud of hosting! Roll on next year!

Fiona Waddell



Autumn fayre


Disney Junior ‘Aladdin’ – presented by local children between the ages of 5 and 15

Timperley Methodist Church  is presenting Disney Junior Aladdin on Friday November 30th and Saturday 1st December at 6.30pm. The children have been working really hard on this since the beginning of September, learning the songs, words and dances.

How about a good night out with the family that weekend at a venue close to home – with great parking - for the very good price of £5 each? Would the promise of refreshments in the interval making it even more irresistible?

Many children will already know the songs and will be familiar with the story, making it even more enjoyable for them. For those who don’t know the songs, they are very catchy and you will enjoy becoming familiar with them.

It may inspire some children to get involved in drama themselves, either with our next production or with a different local drama group.

Please support us in our efforts and treat yourselves by coming along to one or both of our performances!