Timperley Methodist Newsletter

The waffler asks why...

Why do we need a Timperley Methodist Newsletter?

If you stick with these monthly updates (and I continue to be blessed with the role of editor) you’ll find that I struggle with getting to the point of things. With this brief little platform I have been given, I’m going to start with an apology in advance for this and hope that - if I’m not informative - at least I might be a little entertaining.

 With me being an editor, you might find it strange that I begin my first ever piece on the church with the subject of going off on a tangent - however I do believe it’s important. Have you ever found that, when someone is talking, the tangent seems to be more interesting than the original subject? It might be that it’s more relevant for you, or just something that you click with more.

With this in mind, this is why the newsletter is here. It’s designed to give you all the information that might be relevant to YOU. The voices, the events, the worship that matters to you can be found in these monthly updates. We’re tailoring the information that matters to you so, in turn, you’ll become more engaged with us as a community.

But why is this important? When I was younger (and not wanting to get up on a Sunday) I questioned why we need to go to a church to connect with God. He’s everywhere isn’t he? Why do we need to go to a church which required a) getting dressed and b) talking to people on a Sunday morning when I could offer up a quick little prayer in my dressing gown and slippers while eating my breakfast in front of the TV and have to do neither of those things.

The point, I’d realise in later life was the sense of community. It’s a support network of others who believe the same stuff that you do and are there to help you through whatever life throws at you. It’s through this realisation that I realised what church was about, it’s also through this that I realise why this newsletter is important. It’s there to engage you, to inform you, and to invite you into this loving community that we have in Timperley Methodist (and the Altrincham Circuit and beyond!).

So why do we need a Timperley Methodist Church Newsletter? Because, in the words of Jack Johnson - We’re Better Together.