Pantomime Success!

After weeks of rehearsals and lots of hard work from many people, the 'Aladdin' shows at the end of November/beginning of December were performed by talented youngsters to 'full houses'. 

We are proud of them all, as they learned lines and put their dramatic and musical skills into practice! It was good to welcome new actors and see 'older' actors develop even more.

All the support we received from parents, allowing their children to come to rehearsals and no doubt drive them mad at home practicing songs and lines, all paid off!  They were truly amazing. 

I don’t think anyone who saw the performance will forget the Genie!! 

TMC has a history of putting on pantomimes and it’s clear that Jean Barton's legacy lives on! 

 Pantomime Success

It was a lot of work, but well worth it. Thanks to everyone who helped in any, sound, lighting, set design, scenery painting, ticket sales, makeup, hair, costumes...the list goes on…a true TEAM effort!! 

Tricia Tait