Live Lounge

It’s been an exciting time recently in the worship life of Timperley Methodist Church. Over the last 12 months or so, we’ve been thinking about how to introduce new styles of worship to our programme. We want to worship God in all sorts of ways and welcome all kinds of people along the way. With this in mind, throughout the last year, we’ve been adding some fresh new services into the life of our church community.

One of these new services, Live Lounge, was started in October. Live Lounge is a fantastic, low key worship time headed up by Fiona Simpson, an incredibly gifted musician and singer as well as being a member of one of our sister churches, Altrincham Methodist Church. Fiona is also supported by a number of other very talented local musicians, all of whom have brought something different and personal to the table.

 Live Lounge

Live Lounge brings together anyone who wants to sing something that has been a meaningful part of their journey with God and telling the story of why they’ve chosen that particular song, along with anyone who wants to hear some wonderful music from local musicians in a comfortable cosy atmosphere.

Live Lounge offers a warm welcome, a hot cup of coffee, some cake and an hour of fantastic acoustic music. It aims to give musicians, no matter how accomplished, the opportunity to contribute a song or two and be a part of the worship.

Anyone is welcome to come along and listen to our performers, soak up the atmosphere or even bring along their instrument and offer a song or poem or, if you’re not a musician, share some of your story.

The next Live Lounge will be at 7pm on Sunday 24th February, followed by another on 19th May, in the Cornerstone room at Timperley Methodist Church.

 Live Lounge Feb