Timperley Methodist Church Holiday Club started in 1995, making 2019 its 25th year!

Out of those 25, I have been to 24, and honestly I was very cross with my parents when I had to miss my last holiday club as a child in 2002. Since then, I have been a young helper, and a leader every single year. I can now proudly say that I (mostly) oversee the whole week, from its very beginnings right through to the celebration on the Friday night. It takes a whole team to run the holiday club, and without the committed leaders we have it would be impossible. They do a fantastic job planning and leading their groups, as well as joining in the fun (and keeping up with my high levels of general excitement...). We are incredibly lucky to have a team of young people who come to be ‘Crew Members’ throughout the week, and again, without them, holiday Club just wouldn’t be the same. They do very much the same job as the leaders, they’re just a little(!) younger and dare I say it, mostly less tired as the week goes on (maintained with sugary snacks and drinks and some incredible socials throughout the week)!

This year’s holiday club is called ‘Beach Party’, a collection of stories about Jesus on the Beach (well, near water...). This was planned at last year’s holiday

 club (Hero Quest - Heroes in the Bible), inspired by some blue and yellow fabric we had (honestly!).

We will be sharing the following stories with the children and young people:


Monday  -  The Baptism of Jesus

Tuesday - The Calling of the Disciples

Wednesday - The Wise Man and The Foolish Man

Thursday - Feeding the 5000

Friday - Walking on Water

As we noticed there was a general theme of obedience in every story, we have paired each day with a ‘Beach Rule’, as follows:

Monday - Bring Joy

Tuesday - Listen When You’re Called 

Wednesday - Be Careful Where You Build Your Sandcastle

Thursday - Share Your Picnic

Friday - Be Brave

I personally am very excited about this year, as I am (more and more it seems) with every year, especially sharing stories about Jesus with up to 100 children (we had slightly more last year but I struggle to say no!), and having lots of fun in the process.

Dates: 29th July 2019 - 2nd August 2019


For more information and to register, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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